“Going green” is a popular phrase. But what exactly does it mean to go green?

Going green covers many different elements.  These include: reducing, reusing and recycling; not littering; living sustainably; conserving energy; going zero-waste; going off the grid…  But don’t be overwhelmed! The most important thing to remember is that being green is about respecting our environment by keeping it clean and using our resources in the right way, without wasting them. Sustainability is about using what we have in a way that can last for years to come. We only need to make a few changes for the sake of our environment.  It may take a little time to change old habits, but once you do, it’s easy to remember your reusable water bottle, or to recycle clean bottles, or to grab only one napkin instead of 20. Looking back at the list of what being green covers, you don’t have to embrace every single element. Pick a few to focus on. When you make the effort, you are being green. It’s a journey, just like anything else. This world is beautiful, it’s ours, and it’s our only one, so let’s each do our part to keep it beautiful for our grandchildren, and their grandchildren. Source: http://www.theadvertiser.com/story/entertainment/2017/01/24/what-does-mean-green/96773004/

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