common traditions to celebrate this special date.  

1. Spending Time with Family

Thanksgiving is a family holiday par excellence and people usually travel long distances this time of the year to reunite with their loved ones. It’s no wonder that Thanksgiving has become the busiest travel day of the year.  

2. Traditional Food

There wouldn’t be a Thanksgiving dinner without a stuffed turkey, some sweet potatoes, cornbread, gravy, cranberry sauce, and pies, usually pumpkin, apple, sweet potato or pecan. If you don’t trust us, take a look at the official numbers. According to the National Turkey Federation, 95 percent of Americans eat turkey at Thanksgiving.  

3. Giving Thanks

The name of the holiday says it all. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for the people in your life, health, accomplishments and happy moments of the past year. Many families give individual thanks and afterward say a prayer together.  

4. The Turkey Pardon

Each year, the President of the United States pardons two turkeys, the National Thanksgiving Turkey which he receives as a gift, and an alternate turkey.  

5. The Wishbone

For some families, the turkey’s wishbone cannot be excluded from the Thanksgiving list of tradition. Two people each take one of the two ends of the bone, make a wish and pull. Whoever gets the larger piece wins this “lucky break” and has a high chance of their wish coming true.  

6. Football

After the feast families usually do different activities together and these often include playing American football. The tradition goes back to 1876 when the first intercollegiate football championship took place on Thanksgiving Day. Others play board or card games or watch televised parades.  

7. Parades

Parades are also a big part of the celebration. The first Thanksgiving Day parade was held in 1920, in Philadelphia.  The New York City Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade tradition began in 1924 and has become the most spectacular parade held on this day. More than 46 million people watch it each year in person and on TV.  

8. Being generous

Thanksgiving is also a great opportunity to help the less fortunate. Some people donate food or various object or they volunteer to serve food at homeless shelters.   Do you have a special tradition you want to share with us? Leave in the comments 🙂   Did you miss our last post? Click here to know about some beautiful places to visit on Fall!]]>

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