Here are 10 ideas for wrapping your gifts with Reusable, Recycled or Recyclable materials in order to Reduce your waste!  


  1. Reuse wrapping paper, ribbons, bows. 

    Even now, if someone gives you a gift in particularly nice paper,  keep it and wrap another gift in it or use it for something crafty. Ribbons and bows usually look good for several rounds of gift giving.
  2. Reuse gift bags.

    Gift bags make reusing gift wrap that much easier. Fold the tissue paper and reuse that too.
  3. Turn grocery bags inside out, add a nice ribbon. 

    If you have some paper grocery bags that have a few rips or with broken handles, you can turn them into an eco-friendly gift wrap. Turn the bags inside out, wrap your gift, and finish off with a nice ribbon. Or get crafty and decorate with stamps or coloring.
  4. Kids’ coloring pages. 

    Save your kids’ coloring pages, and use them to wrap gifts.
  5. Sunday comics.If you still get the paper, save your comics for a few weeks and use them to wrap gifts.
  6. Scarf. 

    Wrap your gifts in a few of your festive scarves or purchase a few large scarves at the thrift store.
  7. Gift boxes. 

    You can find these at stores like Target and TJ Maxx or online. So easy, and no mess to clean up after opening.
  8. Fabric gift wrap.

    Just wrap up the gift as you would with paper, use a little tape to help hold in place if necessary, and close up with a ribbon tied up both directions.
  9. Fabric gift bags. 

    Fabric gift bags are incredibly easy to sew, and if you have any fabric scraps lying around or purchase some linens at the thrift store to cut up, practically free. For very large gifts, try using a pillow case. No sewing necessary! And keep your eye out for free reusable gift bags, like those bags that sheets come in.
  10. Treasure hunt.

    This works especially well for a very large gift. Hide the gift under a bed, in the closet, in the garage, and then give the lucky recipient a small box with a clue inside that sends them on a treasure hunt that ends with the hidden gift.
What are your ideas for eco-friendly gift wrapping?

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