Having a dog at home is exciting for you and your family members but it comes with an extra responsibility of having to double your cleanliness efforts. It is a feel-good experience to come home in the evening and find your dog all happy and playful. As this seems to be a great feeling altogether, you will not love it all to find out that there is fur all over the house or there are dirt prints all over your bed, curtsy of that friend pet. This is not the end of the world for you anyway, so enjoy staying home with your dog with the following great tips on how to keep the house clean with dogs.

Groom your pet regularly

Grooming your pet regularly is an assurance that you will have less or even no litter fur everywhere on in your house. This is because grooming reduces shedding by the dog since they also grow and in so doing there is a lot of shedding. Try brushing it at least two to three times per week. This activity has two advantages, one being to make it clean and free of fur shedding, and also to increase the bond between the owner and the pet since dogs love to be brushed. If the weather is good, it is highly advisable to brush your dog outside in order to reduce the furry mess indoors that could invoke allergies to you or members of the family.

Stop dirt and mud on the door

This is another very good thing to do in the quest for making your house clean with dogs. Dogs are prone to playfulness and in the process of playing, they step on white linen on your sitting room and leave a lot of dirt prints on them. This is hard to control since you cannot limit the pet from moving freely in the house. What you can actually control is where the pet steps on. Common areas like doorways should be free from mud and water. Always ensure that the door is dry and free from mud and this way, the dog’s feet will be clean hence, reducing the dirt on the floor and chairs. This way, you will keep your house ever clean hence, living in harmony with your pet.

Bathe your dog on a regular basis

In order to make your house clean with dogs, it is a good initiative to clean the pet itself. This will help in reducing the dirt that would otherwise, have been transmitted from your dog to the house. Keeping your dog clean and tidy is an assurance that you will not find your home smelly and full of fleas. Once in a month is good to bathe your dog because they are made to naturally regenerate oils after such a time. Avoid bathing them too regularly as this can cause skin problems and dryness in the pets. Relax and follow the above tips and before you get to know it, your house will be sparkling clean and in a flawless harmony with the pet.

Clean as dirt comes

If you clean every day the little mess your pooch left behind, you will greatly reduce the spread of the hair all over your house, you will get rid of pet odours and you will be able to enjoy fairly clean pet friendly home. It’s best to use products made especially for pet messes. These products are made to break down organic waste and to neutralize odors.]]>

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