What is Quality Control?

Quality control is simply an established program that focuses on maintaining quality standards for products and services.

According to Anthony Maione, vice president of Core Management Services, a quality control system should include items such as: inspection plans, requirements for reporting, work expectations and key performance indicators.

It’s a no-brainer that cleaning companies always want to offer high-quality services and products. But the way that quality is measured, checked and enforced often falls apart because of common mistakes.

quality control

At EcoBrite, we understand the importance of having a great  quality control system to make sure the job was done correctly. In our search to find the best system that fits to our needs, we found CleanTelligent:  A janitorial software created to make life simpler for cleaning  business.

CleanTelligent Software is an online system that provides proof that your projects are completed above industry standards, allows you to schedule jobs and send quick communication to your cleaning crews and provides you with inspection reports so you can stay organized and informed about your building maintenance projects.

Some of the benefits are:

Inspections icon  Detection

Identify cleaning issues with mobile inspections before your clients notice.


Work orders icon  Organization

Eliminate paper trails and wirelessly manage your work orders.


Bidding and estimating icon  Competitiveness

Win tough bids with our robust tools.


Job Scheduling icon  Efficiency

Customize job schedules with reminders for daily and periodic tasks.


We currently use the Cleantelligent software for many of our facilities. Our quality control staff utilize smart phones and other mobile devices for data entry.

Inspections are graded and entered into the system for tracking so that a report can be generated and corrective action taken.

Other features of the system include:

  • service request management
  • periodic work management
  • preventative maintenance
  • performance tracking
  • employee performance analysis
  • supply consumption tracking
  • budget management
  • inventory tracking and management.

The most important feature of course is the quality control, benchmarking and inspection reporting. When reports are generated management staff can easily pin-point areas for improvement, take the corrective action and revisit these problem areas again to ensure repetitive issues don’t arise.
Clients may be given access, allowing them to review and track the status of corrective actions, facility related matters and work order requests.

By undertaking effective inspection and control over production processes and operations, production costs are considerably reduced. Quality control further checks the production of inferior products and wastages thereby bringing down the cost of production considerably.

Remember: Inspection report scores are a great way to praise and motivate your employees and tying bonuses to them works even better.

Discover the most effective strategies on how you can improve your quality control system and how you can build or grow your cleaning business!


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