Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? One of the most festive season of the year where we gather friends and family, prepare good food and exchange gifts. It seems every year we repeat these same traditions, and there is nothing wrong with it, but then come the question: What is the legacy and the real traditions we are leaving for our family? Look through this list of some meaningful and fun Christmas traditions to find new and classic Christmas traditions to bond with your family and make your holiday more meaningful.  

Gift everyone with Christmas coloring

Christmas coloring books are an easy way to help both children and adults relieve stress and practice mindfulness during the holidays. You can even draw something meaningful to someone as a moment or situation you shared together.  


You can donate clothes, toys, books and anything you don’t use anymore. Find a local charity organization and donate. Christmas is a lot more about giving than receiving. Open you heart and help those in need.    

Book Exchange

What a great tradition you can start right now with your family and friends! Book exchange is a great way to motivate you and your friends to read that new books and share ideas. You can also do a “Mystery Book Exchange” to be even more exciting.    

Make a homemade ornament

Making a new ornament for the tree each year is a delightful way to spend time connecting with the kids during the holidays.    

Family game night

Wrap up a new family game and put it under the tree to open and play it with the whole family. I know some families that do this fun family Christmas tradition on Christmas Eve, while others place a note in an advent calendar with a description of the gift to open.    

Practice gratitude

Gratitude brings abundance. When we are thankful for what we have, we will be given more of what we are grateful for. Write a letter, call a friend or a family member are some basic ways to demonstrate gratitude and make others feel loved.     Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition? Share with us!]]>

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