World Concrete Conference 2019 just happened in Las Vegas last week and Ecobrite is happy to announce that we were there! Learning, “hands-on training”, seeing new products… It was just amazing to to be part of this great annual event.

Ricardo Fuchs, the CEO of EcoBrite Services, shared about his experience at World of Concrete 2019, saying: “Learning about the new techniques of concrete repair and concrete polishing , the release of new products is was just very exciting. Being there and having experiencing those things, learning in class and hands-on training,  are things that can definitely help Ecobrite to stay updated with the best and newest techniques in the market.”

Another great theme that was discussed during the seminar on the event was the Non-toxic and safe Ice Melt, that is completely safe for concrete, animals and children. It is called Safe Paw – Ice Melter“.  

According to their website, Safe Paw® Ice Melter is 100% salt-free and 100% non-toxic which offers not only health benefits for animals and children, but prevents “pitting” and “spalling” when the freeze-thaw cycle is activated on concrete by other ice melt products containing rock salt.

When applied at first, the liquid component melts ice instantly while breaking surface tension then a crystal core penetrates and destabilizes the ice which speeds up melting. Then, once Safe Paw has melted ice and snow, the traction agents leave behind a “shield” that prevents ice from sticking for up to three days. Safe Paw also attracts solar heat to provide extra melting during daylight hours.

The product has received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Green Seal (PTPA).

Like Safe Paw, at Ecobrite Services we care about the environment and we work hard to make sure that all of our products and techniques are 100% Eco-Friendly, being safe for people and the the environment.


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