Easter is just around the corner and here are some simple but great ideas to make your Easter more environmentally friendly this year.

Go for “green” eggs

Instead of plastic, why don’t you try real eggs? Those plastic eggs are inexpensive, colorful and easy to see peeking out from the grass during the Easter egg hunt… But there are significant downsides however because these fun little eggs are made of plastic, typically break or come apart within a short time of being purchased, and often cannot be recycled. Instead of shelling out for store-bought plastic, why not hunt for real eggs, hand-colored or dyed?

Kids will absolutely love being able to create their own colorful Easter eggs!

If you still prefer the plastic one, try buying those that are Eco-friendly, fully compostable after use.

Easter egg hunt. Photo: Freepik

Opt for Eco-Friendly Baskets

Baskets are a must-have item when you are going for an Easter hunt. Collect all the eggs on the grass and put them into your non plastic basket. You can even use your basket for next year and personalize it the whey you want!

Green you Easter dinner

Arrange carpools to reduce pollution, lower the heat before the guests arrive (bodies create warmth), and enjoy the natural light of beeswax candles. If you’re using disposable dishes and avoid plastic. Biodegradable, disposable dishes can be found at most organic and health food stores.

We hope you have an amazing Easter this year.



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