Cleaning up your home may not be your favorite activity of the week but it is necessary. When it comes to this subject, everyone has their own way of doing things. However, there are a few little tips and tricks that can help you to not make simple mistakes.

Mistake #1: Starting at the Wrong Spot in a Room

If you’re the kind of person that mops or vacuums before you even look at a duster, then you’re doing cleaning wrong. Always start from the top of a room, such as dusting ceiling fans and shelves, then work your way down towards the floor. This way, if any dust falls onto the floor, you can just vacuum it up – rather than having to vacuum again!

Mistake #2 Not opening up windows and doors

If there’s one key to getting cleaning right, it’s airing out the house. Before you even start cleaning (assuming the weather is relatively pleasant outside) open your windows and doors and allow the air to flow through your home as you clean. Not only does this provide good ventilation when cleaning with chemicals, it will also freshen the air and improve air quality indoors.

Mistake #3 Using one product for all jobs

Unfortunately, no one product can serve all purposes, no matter what natural products it’s made from. Ensure you have the right cleaner for the job, such as a grease-buster product for the kitchen, glass cleaner for windows and mirrors, and a general surface disinfectant for other surfaces. Unfortunately, if you aren’t someone who cleans regularly and often, you’ll probably need stronger cleaners to cut through grease and soap grime.

Mistake #4 Using paper towels

While paper towels seem like an easy and disposable option for dusting, wiping and drying in your home, they aren’t particularly eco-friendly, nor are they all that efficient at removing dust, grime and dirt. It’s better to have a few micro-fibre or cotton cloths stocked in your cupboard that can be washed after each clean. And remember, use a new cleaning cloth for each area of the house, one for dusting, one for the bathroom, one for the kitchen, and so on.

Mistake #5 Washing windows on a sunny day

Although the sun on a bright day may offer unrivaled clarity when it comes to cleaning your windows, a hot sun burning down on your soapy windows will actually dry the product on to the glass quicker. Which means, to get a nice finish, you’ll need to work twice as fast. Instead, wash them on a clear yet overcast day.

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