You might be wondering what to do for Mother’s Day this year… Flowers, cards, gifts, are things that you probably did last year, and you want to make something different.

Here are 3 ideas of what to do for Mother’s Day this year that she will love:

1 – Clean the house

In many marriages, housework for women is assumed, whereas men believe that taking care of their home is optional. When they do something, they see it as helping out their wives and being a good husband, but don’t regard it as their actual responsibility.

A clean house can means a lot to your mother/wife, specially when you were the one who did it.

2 – Be creative

Woman loves presents but why yo don’t try a song or a poem to express your love and admiration for her? She will feel very special with this personalized present.

3 – Prepare a picnic

Spring is here, so the flowers and the great weather. If your mom or wife loves outdoor activities, you can surprise her preparing a picnic at a local park. Prepare games and great food, so you will spend a great time together.

If presents are still your type of thing, check this post to find amazing Eco-friendly gifts ideas.


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