Tomorrow, June 21st, marks the first official day of Summer! There’s no better season to enjoy the great wonderful that nature brings. On this time of the year, people are more likely to take some time off from work to spend time with their families. That is why we gathered some fun ideas of outdoor activities that will not only keep our environment safe, but it will also invigorate your soul.

1. Plan a picnic with your friends and family

Google park options around you and have fun with your family!

2. Go camping

This can be done in a camping ground or in your own backyard. Check out some ecofriendly camping tips to make to best out of this trip.

3. Plant a tree

As the proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time in now.”

4. Build a garden in your backyard

Pick some vegetable and fruits and have your family help you!

5. Plan a nature treasure hunt with the kids

Make a list of some fun things you can find in the nature and have the kids explore.

6. Build a bird house or find another wood project

Go to a home depot or any other craft store and let you creativity flow.

7. Explore and waterfall

Want an activity that will fresh you up a little bit? Find a waterfall!

8. Contemplate the stars

Grab some blankets, call your friends and just enjoy an evening under the stars.

9. Support local farmer markets

Find a local farmer markets and try some fresh fruits and vegetables! Be expired and plan a family dinner with the fresh ingredients that you found.

10. Go for a bike ride

Biking is good for your body, mind and soul!

How to Make you Summer Greener

If you go to a park, leave no trace behind. Pick up your trash or try not make trash at all! Use less water and recycle anything possible. Opt for reusable instead of one-use. Drive less, bike/walk more. Think green! Make this summer and exceptional and sustainable one!


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