Are you tired of feeding your body with processed, junk food? Do you feel like you lack energy during the day? Are you craving for a more nutritious and satisfying meal in your day to day life? Well, we would like to guide you through the process of sustainable eating.

The idea of sustainable eating consists of consuming what you produce. It encourages us to support local farmers and stay away from the shelfs of a supermarket. You can even take the extra mile and start your own vegetable and fruit garden on your backyard. Sustainable eating promotes a healthful body and environment and that’s what Ecobrite is all about!

Here are some helpful tips if you decide to embark in this challenge with us:

Shop Locally

Shopping locally has more benefits than you can imagine! Your not only supporting your local farmers, but you are also helping the economy of your community and keeping the environment safe.

Eat seasonally

When planning your meal for the week, focus on foods that are available in the season where you live. By doing this, you are supporting sustainability and most likely, eating healthier.

Grow a garden

You don’t need a backyard to start your own vegetable garden. It could e herbs in a pot or even tomatoes in your patio. By growing your own garden, you will learn to appreciate fresh and organic food.

Think bulks

Buying in bulks promotes less processed food and more plant-based meals. Also, buying in bulks will decrease your production of packaging and waste.


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