It’s finally THAT TIME OF YEAR and we are usually caught in the middle of the mess, buying presents in the last minute, or organizing the decorations for our perfect annual Christmas Party. Lines and more lines to see Santa Claus who is literally everywhere, from hospitals to Chick Fill As, and we are sure the magic is in the air.

Well, it truly is, but the magic hardly comes from a brand new toy or from the perfect edited picture of a scared baby in Santa’s lap. The magic comes from moments with the people we love and with the memories and are going to create on this special holiday. The magic is here when we sometimes understand our financial situation and we exchange the last model video game, to a home made toy. It comes when we invite people to spend Christmas at our house who usually are all alone at this night where families are gather together.

This season, let us be more attentive and care to what is really important. Here are 5 Christmas traditions that you and your family can start now.

1. Giving Machines

Every year, the LDS Church distribute along the USA giving machines to help those in need. The Giving machines work exactly as a vending machine, but instead of buying a product, you are giving to someone who need most. Watch the video and find a local giving machine here

2. Hot Chocolate Party

There are thousands of Hot Chocolate recipes and I am sure you know the best one. Why not invite an old friend over for an afternoon of cookies and hot chocolate? Nothing better than warm up the body and the heart with a kind act.

3. Listen to classic Christmas songs

Feeling a little blue with all the Christmas craziness? Have some music! Christmas songs have definitely magic on its lyrics and melody and I’m sure you will feel it hen you stop to listen. Here is 2 hours of popular and beautiful Christmas songs.

4. A meaningful Christmas Tree ornament

What about a Christmas tree ornament that has something to do with a special family trip, new baby , graduation or any other even that and your family has been trough this year? You can add a new tree ornament every year and you will see how many adventures and places you have been with you family. That would be amazing .

5. Reusable gift bags and bows

Last, but not less important, why not to reuse gift bags for presents exchange? While local councils give handy tips on recycling, you can reduce your waste in the first place with eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas and by using already recycled paper.

There are so many more things you can do to sparkle the season. What are your favorites Christmas Traditions?

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