IKEA East Palo Alto – EcoBrite Services Team

Training is the key for success

When we hear the word training, most of the times we immediately think of endless hours in a classroom, PowerPoint presentations and millions of bullets points that as soon as we walk out that class, we will forget almost everything.

Training is for sure responsible for the greater part of a company’s success and it has everything to do with the method the training happens and its frequency.

EcoBrite Services is a commercial cleaning company and we do need frequent and effective training, so when our employees go to a store, they know exactly what to do, how to do it and the most effective way to do it. Our training method is 25% online and 75% on-site, so our team has immediate contact with the machines, cleaning products and the most effective techniques to have the job done.

Food handlers training it is good for 2-5 years and all the other areas of training we do once a year. Here is a simple spreadsheet with all the areas of training we cover online and on-site.

The first 4 items are handled online and all the others are actually in the field.

Couple days ago, we received an Email from one of our Area Managers in IKEA East Palo Alto, CA and we were thrilled to see all the employees who successfully completed the training program and some that received an award for EcoStar! (Employee of the month).

“(…) She conducted a training on several aspects of our job, such as safety, blood pathogens, policies and procedures, job safety all encompassed in stress management and the importance of keeping good mental health in the work environment. (…)

Congratulation East Palo Alto Team!

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