Earth Day is tomorrow, and as a company that preserves the environment by using green cleaning products and eco-friendly techniques, we believe this is a special day to show how we appreciate the word we live in.

Guided by the 3P Principle: People, Planet and Prosperity, EcoBrite knows that each one of us has an important role to play in this world and, one by one, we can make the difference and a brighter future for our children.

This week, at EcoBrite Services, each department in the company is responsible to come up with an idea of how to create a more sustainable workplace. We live in a world where people spend most of their time in the office, and we want to make sure we make this a great and comfortable place for our Team.

Here are 10 ideas of how to GREEN your workplace:


  • 1 Challenge workers to use less water
  • 2 Use less electricity
  • 3 Support local businesses
  • 4 See how little paper your office can use that week
  • 5 Challenge workers to see how little plastic they can use that week
  • 6 Visit a recycling site
  • 7 Invite in a wildlife protection group
  • 8 Plant a company garden
  • 9 Pass out reusable grocery bags
  • 10 Hold a company-wide donation event
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