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IFA World Cup Futsal 2022

Go Team!

For the first time since 2019, Futsal Team USA Men’s Open Division is to compete in the IFA World Cup— we need your help! But, just what does your gift actually do?

Please take a look at our digital impact presentation— https://bkp.ecobriteservices.com/usfutsal. You’ll see how we turn your investment into publicity, goodwill, and brand awareness.

Strategic Alliance Partnership with EcoBrite Services!

Futsal Team USA has a strategic alliance partnership with EcoBrite Services. It should be noted, three brothers, The Fuchs Brothers, have run this prestigious, eco-friendly, nationwide company for 33 years. In addition, they have a history of winning, passion, and life-long experience with Futsal that you can stand behind. So, helping Team USA participate in IFA’s World Cup and becoming a strategic alliance partner with EcoBrite, our certified Minority Business Enterprise, is a win-win!

Fuchs Brothers Futsal History!

The brothers have a history of winning. In fact, EcoBrite Services has been involved with Futsal for many years; we have a Futsal Team called “Utah Elite” that has won more than five national championships. In addition, we are members of the US Futsal https://www.futsalnationalchampionship.com/ and, because of the Fuchs Brothers’ leadership, they have been chosen to manage Team USA Men’s Open division going to the Futsal World Cup 2022 in Spain. https://www.facebook.com/interfutsalalliance.

Before the Pandemic in 2019, we beat all but two teams in the IFA Futsal World Cup in China, coming in 3rd place, which has never been done before! https://futsal.com/u-s-futsal-mens-open-team-heads-to-china-for-2019-ifa-futsal-world-cup. We have the tenacity and experience and intend to win first place this year. See more EcoBrite, Elite Futsal Info on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ecobrite or check out our new website at www.ecobriteservices.com.

Say Yes!

This is an excellent opportunity to participate and bring TEAM USA to win the Futsal World Cup 2022! The biggest part of my ask is that we only have a week to set this up, so please let me know your thoughts by the end of this week. I’m here to help and a huge fan!


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