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IFA Futsal World Championship

Gratitude and Congratulations

US Futsal Teams 2022

In 2022, our EcoBrite “Commanders” Ricardo Fuchs, Ray Fuchs, and David Januario were invited to be part of the technical committee representing the United States of America Open Men’s Division for the International Futsal Alliance (IFA) World Cup Championship. The 2022 IFA Championships took place September 11th through the 15th in Blanes, Spain. The featured divisions were Open Men, Open Woman, U21 Men, U17 Boys, and U14 Boys.

With great satisfaction, the USA teams won the Open Men’s, U17 Boys, and U14 Boys championships. We come through this with great joy and thank all the players who, through a lot of effort and dedication, bring back to the country the Championship trophies along with the title of World Champions.

We are particularly proud of the Open Men and Open Woman teams, who showed the strength of character and determination throughout the campaign in Spain. The Open Women’s Team reigned undefeated until the Grand Final, coming home with second place in the competition— an unprecedented title.

We want to thank the entire USA technical committee, especially Ray Fuchs, David Januario, Ricardo Fuchs, Will Hanna, Roxy Kamal, Mario Gonzales, and Guilardo Medina, who went out of their way and provided all the support our teams needed. These leaders brought not only the experience and support that allowed their victories but helped the growth of the group as a whole. Above all, we thank the entire organization of the event, which allowed us to participate in this historic event.

We appreciate all our fans, sports enthusiasts, and family who, even from a distance, participated in every play on the field, pushing our teams to reach new heights; know that none of this would be possible without your love.

And last but not least, our sponsors, EcoBrite Services and Tennant Company, continuously support every effort and belief in our teams; we are proud to associate their brands with our battle.

Thank you for everything, especially the pride you all gave us. Go USA Futsal!


Know all the Players of Open Men and Open Woman

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